Propane Delivery

Fuel Oil and Propane DeliveryM.W. Sewall delivers both residential and commercial propane at very competitive prices.

Propane, unlike oil, can be used in several applications and is becoming very popular in Maine.  Many new homes that are being built are choosing propane due to it being a clean burning, multi use product.  It is economical and allows the home owner the flexibility of not putting an oil tank in their basement.    With one tank you can service your needs for heat, hot water, cooking, space heating, clothes drying, fireplaces and grill use.  If installing a generator or pool heater you would be best suited to put in a separate tank.

Some people switch over gradually based on replacing appliances as need be.  A small tank can be set at no cost to the customer and then changed out for a larger one as appliances are added!  As older oil furnaces and boilers become outdated,  the oil tank is getting older and may need replacing – many people are switching to propane furnaces and boilers to avoid the cost of a new oil tank.  Tired of replacing that electric hot water heater?  Try a new Tankless On Demand Hot Water Heater.  They start at providing 5 gallons of hot water per minute to up to 9.8 gallons a minute depending on your needs and the model -that translates to a full standard 40 Gallon Electric Hot Water Heater.

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Due to the increase in popularity of the product we doubled our propane storage!

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