Natural Gas Conversions

oil to gas conversionOnce you determine that natural gas is available in your area, you need to pick a contractor to convert or replace your appliances.  Not all appliances (boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, cooking appliances, etc.) are compatible with natural gas.

Choosing a knowledgeable contractor, when you convert to natural gas heat or upgrade your heating system will help you enjoy all of the value natural gas offers. Selecting a qualified, reputable contractor is very important.  We offer free inspections and estimates of your existing equipment in order to help you make an informed decision.  We have experience in converting both residential and commercial customers to natural gas.

Keys to a successful natural gas conversion:

  • Look for a contractor who has an established business – we have been serving this area since 1887
  • Ask if the contractor both services and installs the equipment – we do
  • Determine if the contractor provides 24-hour emergency service – yes, we do
  • Inquire about any training the installers and service technicians receive as well as the amount and type of experience the technicians who will install your equipment have – we have done many natural gas conversions with our fully trained technicians.
  • Obtain a written proposal that clearly outlines the work to be done and the agreed price.
  • Read the contract and ask questions about any points you do not understand

We will tell you if your heat delivery system is in good working order and adequate for your heating needs and will work with the natural gas company to complete your conversion.

Helpful information to have before a site visit is made (but not required):

  • When will the gas line will be ready at the home
  • The meter location – this is usually determined by the gas company
  • How many appliances and their location
  • Any future appliances

Please contact Kevin Smith at 207-386-5712 or e-mail at to set up an appointment.