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Oil is highly stable and one of the safest and most reliable sources of residential and commercial heat. Number 2 heating oil contains 139,000 Btu’s per gallon, making it a powerful source of heat during Maine’s cold winter months.

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Heating Oil is Efficient
Modern oil heat systems are highly-efficient and since oil burns at a high temperature it heats your home and water very quickly. Reports show new, energy efficient oil heating systems, when properly maintained can save homeowners as much as 50 gallons of fuel each year.

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“We have nothing but praise for M.W. Sewall. They are a very reliable supplier of fuel oil and propane, and they provide excellent service. Everyone we’ve interacted with has been friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.” 
-Mark R

Heating Oil is Environmentally Friendly

Newer oil-burning systems are much more environmentally friendly than older designs. Since 1970, oil burners have become 95 percent cleaner and markedly more durable as technology improves. Plus, unlike older oil systems, new oil heating systems produce no soot, dirt, or air contaminants.

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Heating Oil is Popular & Safe 
Nearly 70% of homes in Maine heat with oil.  Heating oil is safe. It takes an advanced high-tech burner to ignite the oil. If you drop a match into heating oil it will go out as if dropped into water. Heating oil must be vaporized before it will ignite or burn.