ConservationM.W. Sewall offers several products that help you conserve energy and when you conserve you save money!

Check out The ecobee Smart Thermostat!  Not only can you see the temperature of your house from your smartphone or an online web site but you can set the thermostat as well!

Installing an Outdoor Reset will save you money by adjusting the water temperature from your boiler based on the temperature outside.

In order to provide accurate indoor temperatures, the heat supplied to the building must equal the heat loss from the building. The greatest factor affecting how much heat a building requires is the outdoor temperature. Even in a well-insulated building, heat loss increases as the outdoor temperature falls.

A boiler heating system is typically designed to always operate at the highest temperature possible to match a building’s heat loss on the coldest day of the year. Even in the most North American locations there are usually less than 10 days in a year that actually require this high temperature.

So what happens when the outdoor temperature is relatively mild? The heating system delivers too much heat, therefore overheating the space and costing more money.

These types of controls can be especially useful in an apartment type setting where if the landlord is supplying the heat the tenant is more likely to open a window should it get too warm!

Outdoor Reset is a control strategy that continuously adjusts heating system supply water temperatures to compensate, providing more heat when it’s colder and less heat when it’s warmer. For most of the heating season, the control saves energy by operating at a lower temperature, and of course saving energy saves you money!