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Price Protection Plans

Locally owned and operated!

      Still the only company that offers you the same price for a budget plan as the person who prepays!

The price per gallon for budget customers who opt to pay via EFT, is now the SAME as it is for prepay customers who pay via cash or check offering all of our customers the best possible price!  Our budget year is 12 months helping to lower your monthly budget payment.

As always Downside Insurance is included in the program price for Heating Oil and K1 budget plans.

For those that want to pay upfront, write one check and forget about it, our Prepay Option is still available.

Want to Prepay and have Downside Insurance?  That is available as well!

Please note that Downside Insurance is not available for Propane.

Tell your friends and if they sign up for Automatic Delivery they receive a $100 new customer bonus when they switch to us!

Have them call us at 207-442-7994 or 1-800-540-7994.

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  • Propane Tank Monitoring now available!

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