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Improving our air quality and reducing our dependency on foreign oil have played a key role in the rising interest of biofuels.

What is biofuel?

Biofuel is a renewable, non-toxic, biodegradable fuel and its feedstocks are grown here in the United States. Biofuels have shown to help reduce the majority of regulated emissions.

Renewable Resource

The most common feedstock for biofuel is soybean, however other feedstocks including corn, canola, rapaseed, yellow grease and inedible tallow/greases can be used to create biofuels. Many of these feedstocks are grown in abundance throughout the United States.

Biofuel Applications

Biofuels contain no petroleum, but they can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend for a variety of applications. Biodiesel can be used in its pure form as B100 and it has been commonly used in on-highway diesel engines as B20 (20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel). Additionally, a B2 or B5 blend has been successfully blended into #2 heating oil for home heating.

MW Sewall’s BioHeat Supplier

There are many ‘homegrown’ sources for bioheat, but we get our supply of certified bioheat from Sprague Energy.  Sprague Energy Corp., an energy wholesaler at the forefront of clean fuels development and marketing, is now the first oil terminal operator in the United States to earn BQ-9000 Certified Marketer status by the National Biodiesel Board.

In 2012 M.W. Sewall started delivering BioHeat due to a request from The Chewonki Foundation.

Please call for delivery information.

To learn more about Bioheat click here.

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